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Advanced PK/PD Modeling

Advanced PK/PD Modeling

Complex mechanisms of action and novel drug-targets require advanced PK/PD modelling for interpretation of results. Exprimo has extensive experience with application of cutting edge PK/PD/mPBPK models to accurately predict study outcomes.

Pharmacokinetics (PK) is the study of what the body does with a drug, while pharmacodynamics (PD) describes what the drug does to the body.

In PK/PD modeling, exposure is estimated, and the relationship between this exposure and a PD marker, clinical endpoint or adverse event is investigated. The goal of PK/PD-modeling is to link PK and PD in order to evaluate the dose-concentration-response relationships and subsequently describe and predict the effect-time courses resulting from a drug dose or dosage regimen.

This will ensure a more confident dose selection, estimation of therapeutic window, better trial designs, and therapeutic regimens, and may help in the understanding of the mechanism of drug action. This goal is achieved by means of empirical or mechanistic, physiologically based, PK/PD models.

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