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Simulo is a clinical trial simulator developed by SGS Exprimo with a strong belief: "A flexible and user friendly simulation platform would allow better collaboration, increase coding efficiency and improve quality of modeling and simulation projects."

It offers the ability to perform Monte Carlo simulations and subsequently to evaluate study designs and to compare dosing strategies using public, published or custom-developed nonlinear mixed-effects models.

This allows drug development teams to optimize trials at every clinical phase and to answer key questions (probability of success, dose selection, risk-benefit balance, targeted population, go/no go decisions and more).

Key components & Advantages

  • Simulo provides a structured and user-friendly overview, making it the most collaborative simulation platform.
  • Simulo is extremely powerful thanks to its full flexibility with R. You can implement any model and design any protocol you want.
  • Simulo ensures reproducibility and transparency. A consequent number of projects have been submitted and accepted by authorities.

Get Simulo

Simulo comes in two versions, which are constantly improved by our IT scientists.

The basic version, available for free download, is suitable for exploratory and small simulation projects.

The expert version is more advanced and is intended for mid-size and complex simulation projects. Moreover, it automatically brings you simulation support from our experienced consultancy team. Feel free to request a free trial and an offer.

Version   Basic Expert
Key features Drug model
Conditional event
Live view
Custom analysis
Simulo library base functions
Speed performance Compiled code for live view
Slice size management
Compiled code for simulations
Multiple design analysis Multi-replicate simulation
Scenario management tab
Simulo library function for scenario comparison
Submission Reproducibility & random seed
Automatic software validation
R & C code viewer
Model summary generation
Support Access to documentation
Support in model implementation
Consultancy in simulation projects
Server deployment

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